About trailer axles

A trailer axle needs to be replaced if it is damaged or if it is corroded. Sometimes if the wheel brakes need to be fully reconditioned, it may be cheaper to buy a completely new axle. Valeryd has a wide range of axles in different sizes and from different brands. In some cases, both the axle and overrun brake may be damaged, the axle package with both axle and overrun brake can then be an option. Read more about this further down the page.

Replacing the trailer axle is easy, first remove the old axle, undo the wheels, disconnect the brake cables and remove the old axle from the chassis. You can now bolt on the new axle, secure the supplied cables and fit the wheels.

Finding the right trailer axle may be slightly more difficult, there are numerous factors to consider.

  1. Identify the manufacturer of your current axle. This is may be stated on the hub cap, on a plate located on the axle body or on the back of the brake anchor plate.
  2. Identify your current coupling. This is stated on the nameplate on the coupling. NOTE! Take a photo or note the details on the nameplate and contact us!
  3. Now check the total weight of your trailer. This will be on your registration certificate or you can search using your registration number on the website of the Swedish Transport Agency.
  4. Check your A and B dimensions.
  5. Check how the stud circle (C) appears.

Axle package, axle and coupling

Valeryd offers complete package solutions for brake systems, which include both the axle and overrun brake.

  • Axle with wheel bolts and wheel brakes
  • Complete overrun brake
  • Brake wires
  • Tapered nuts for cables
  • Brake rods
  • Equalizing yokes
  • Rigging screws
  • Brake calculation certificate