Why choose LED?

LED lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years. Valeryd has a broad range within the latest LED lighting technology. You can read more here about why we recommend LED lighting for your trailer.

Advantages of LEDs

The filament is the incandescent bulb’s weakest link, as LED technology does not employ filaments the LED lighting consumes less current and has a far greater life. In addition, LED lighting is usually fully enclosed, i.e. the entire lighting is filled with plastic, making the LED lighting completely waterproof.

Many perceive LEDs give a clearer light.

LEDs and cars with CANBUS systems

Some modern cars can experience problems with LED lighting. Cars with CANBUS systems may find it difficult to register a trailer with LED lighting, believing the incandescent bulbs have blown or that there are no installed lights. The reason for this is that the LED lights consume a lot less current and light at lower voltages than normal bulbs, and this weak current is perceived by the car as if there are no lights, and then the car does not send any signals at all to the trailer.

Valeryd has an adapter (art.no. 3099007) that solves this problem. The adapter simulates that there are bulbs fitted on the trailer, and then gets the car to believe this, and it then feeds the current.