Valeryd’s history


The two brothers Bernt Larsson and Per-Owe Larsson had a garage in Larv, outside of Vara, in Västra Götaland county. They repaired cars and trucks, but also converted trucks for the farmers in the area. This year they were asked to build a light trailer that could be towed by a car, it was a local businessman who needed this. The brothers started the build and soon the first unbraked light trailer rolled out of the garage in the small workshop in Larv.


The demand for light trailers turned out to be so large that the company grew out of the small workshop and moved to a larger facility. The name Valerydssläpet was chosen, after the name of the location Valeberg close to Ryd. Over the following years the business grew and they went from ordered production to mass production, and the range of trailers expanded to comprise the transport of horses and cars, etc.

1970s and 1980s

In the 1970s and 1980s the business grew yet further, and sales spread throughout Sweden. In 1991 a total of 10,000 trailers had been produced under Valeryd’s brand, many of which are still on the road in Sweden.

Magnus Larsson, the current owner of Valeryd and son of Per-Ove Larsson, started his career in production. He was welding, assembling and painting.


Magnus Larsson has now acquired the business after his uncle, who led the production of trailers until 1994 when it was sold. Magnus saw the possibilities of developing a concept for the ever-increasing aftermarket, and started component production and started the development of Valeryd’s search (Easy Search).


The demand for spare parts was immense and after a few years the idea came for a store display rack. The idea was to be able to offer a complete system of spare parts for trailers and caravans to dealers who, through this arrange, did not have to keep track of inventory and purchases from different suppliers. The concept of the store layout was shown for the first time at the Auto trade fair in Jönköping 2001.


Valeryd further developed its own software, “Valeryd Easy Search”, so that dealers could quickly and easily find the right spare parts. However, in 2004 this was moved to Valeryd’s website where both dealers and end users could search for spare parts. In addition, it was also possible to search the nearest store.


The number of customers in Sweden is growing, and in subsequent years Valeryd also attracts customers from the other Nordic countries, mainly Norway. New product groups are launched, primarily gas springs. Thanks to the search engine for gas springs on Valeryd’s website, it is not only easy to find gas springs for trailers and horse transport trailers, but also for cars, boats, hatches, machine hoods and agricultural machinery, etc.


Valeryd grows even more and enters new markets; sales increase in Germany, the Balkans and France. Valeryd also sells to OEM customers.


Valeryd equips itself for the future. This is done with a new modern website, and a new logistics centre, which is being built in Vårgårda.