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What we offer

Brake shoe set 200×50 fits Knott Axle set


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Winch VALERYD 2500lbs/1100kg Including strap 50mm x 10m


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Brake shoe set 200×50 fits Knott Axle set


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Electrical plug adapter 13-7-pin. Plastic


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Popular products

Trailer lock Universal


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Jockey wheel Ø48 mm Metal rim. Solid rubber wheel 200×50 mm. Support load 150 Kg


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Jockey wheel clamp Ø48mm. Standard with short crank. Sheet metal. cc=105


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Brake shoe set 200×50 fits AL-KO Superkit


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Popular categories

Brake shoes

VALERYD’s range of brake shoes for trailers, caravans, boat trailers car transporter trailers or horse trailers are developed to cope with extreme loads. VALERYD has introduced unique technologies such as “Rib design” and “Positive Technology” for brake shoes with the market’s best guarantee for trailers and caravans.

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Coupling heads

VALERYD’s stocks coupling heads for braked and unbraked trailers, caravans, boat trailers, car transporter trailers and horse trailers.

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Jockey wheels

VALERYD’s range of robust jockey wheels for trailers, caravans, boat trailers, car transporter trailers and horse trailers.

Jockey wheels

Cables & connectors

VALERYD’s products within cables and connectors such as electrical plugs, electrical socket, adapter spiral cables, wiring harnesses are manufactured and tested according to VALERYD’s stringent demands on safety for your trailer, caravan, boat trailer, car transporter trailer and horse trailer.

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Secure, safe & hard-wearing

With several generations of experience, we develop and furnish premium products for long-term usage.

Jockey wheels

It is the small significant details such as material thickness and reinforcements that underline the high quality of Valeryd.


Choose from our range of versatile, powerful and safe anti-theft lock that cover most market requirements.

Load and secure

In order to drive safely with your trailer, you should choose VALERYD, with its extensive range of lashing straps and cargo nets.

Gas springs

With hundreds of thousands of combination possibilities, we have one of Europe’s most extensive ranges of gas springs, end pieces and accessories. We have a wide range of gas springs ready for all needs, we also tailor and quickly manufacture gas springs and end pieces to match your needs. We are proud to have gained the trust of so many satisfied customers across Europe. We welcome both new and existing customers.