Valeryd.com sells new trailer parts, via the website, for most trailers. The business maxim is “high quality trailer parts at attractive prices”. The range covers all product areas and Valeryd.com cooperates with leading European suppliers in an attempt to provide customers with the best quality at an unbeatable price. Furthermore, Valeryd.com cooperates with the largest banks and the leading payment gateways to guarantee the customer a safe purchasing experience on the website. By collaborating with some of Europe’s leading logistics companies, Valeryd.com can secure fast deliveries from the warehouse to the customer.

Ordering of trailer parts

By registering on “My Page” customers confirm they have read “Terms of Service – Customers”. In addition, by purchasing trailer parts via the web shop, customers confirm that they have read the product information about the trailer parts ordered by the customer (henceforth called “product”). The customer is also aware that Valeryd.com attempts to provide as comprehensive information as possible about the products, but images of goods offered for sale on the website may contain technical and/or graphical and typographical errors.

Orders are only made via the website. The customer’s order constitutes an offer to Valeryd.com to purchase a product. All orders are confirmed by means of an order confirmation (henceforth called “order confirmation”) that Valeryd.com accepts the customer’s order. A binding agreement between Valeryd.com and the customer results when Valeryd.com sends an order confirmation to the customer. Valeryd.com is not obliged to deliver products that have not been confirmed in an order confirmation. The order confirmation specifies what the customer has ordered and details concerning the ordered Products. The details supplied by the customer in the order will also be evident from the order confirmation and the customer is requested to check that these details are correct. If any details are incorrect, the customer must contact Valeryd.com immediately and report this.

Valeryd.com reserves the right to refuse to complete an order if the details provided by the customer about themselves or the delivery address prove to be incorrect or incomplete, if they have not made full payment for the products within the prescribed period or if the customer, in some other way, has failed to comply with their undertaking according to these “Terms of Service – Customers”.

Deliveries and unclaimed packages

The standard delivery time is 1-4 days provided that the product is in stock at Valeryd.com. If the product is not in stock, the product is removed from the order and the customer is notified through the order confirmation. When the product is once again in stock an e-mail is sent to the customer who can then place a new order for the product. Valeryd.com attempts to deliver the product according to the delivery date specified on the order confirmation and within a reasonable time after the date of the order. In cases where a delay to the deliver arises that is longer than that stated in the product information, the customer is notified of this via e-mail without delay and will also be notified of a new delivery time.

The customer undertakes to provide a complete and correct delivery address when ordering. Valeryd.com is not responsible for lost or late deliveries due to an incomplete or incorrectly stated delivery address.

Once the order confirmation has been issued, Valeryd.com is not obliged to correct, supplement or change the delivery address. Information about delivery methods can be found at Delivery method. In some cases, the products are sent directly from Valeryd.com’s suppliers whereupon Valeryd.com uses their logistics partners.

If the consignment of products is not claimed on time by the customer (henceforth called “unclaimed package”), Valeryd.com is entitled to charge the customer for shipping costs incurred in relation to the return and Valeryd.com’s administration costs. This does not apply if the customer has registered the case via Valeryd.com and paid the return costs during the cancellation period as set out below. Costs for unclaimed packages is SEK 250 except for trailer axles and axle packages where the charge is SEK 500 per order


Valeryd.com always attempts to supply high quality products at low prices. All prices stated on the website are given in Swedish Kronor (SEK) and include VAT unless you are a corporate customer. If the VAT rate should change, Valeryd.com reserves the right to change prices accordingly. Valeryd.com’s prices may also change due to other circumstances beyond the control of Valeryd.com, for example, significant changes to commodity prices, exchange rates or changed VAT. The customer is always entitled to be informed about the total price with a specification of the shipping price and any other fees before ordering.


Valeryd.com leaves a 2-year factory warranty on all products unless otherwise specified. The warranty means Valeryd.com will replace or repair defective products within 2 years if the product has not been damaged due to incorrect handling by the customer. The warranty applies to manufacturing faults as a result of an incorrect manufacturing process, material fault or design error. The warranty does no cover wear, external impact, incorrect installation or use of the product for which it is not intended. Valeryd.com always applies the Swedish Consumer Purchases Act and in the event of a dispute, Valeryd.com has the policy of following the recommendations and report of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) (regarding the complaint procedure). For the purchase of X or Y we leave a 3-year or max. 100,000-kilometre warranty (whichever occurs first).

Returns and complaints

Corporate customers may not claim that a product is faulty, if the business customer does not report the fault to Valeryd.com within a reasonable time after the company has noticed or should have noticed the fault. However, complaints may not be made later than two (2) years after the corporate customer has received the product.

In the event of a fault, Valeryd.com is entitled to correct the fault or send a new product. If correction or re-delivery does not come into question or does not occur within a reasonable time after the complaint, the purchaser may demand a price deduction.

Receiving a return number is the equivalent to an approved complaint. Sending a return to Valeryd.com without approved return documents is regarded as a non-approved return. Valeryd.com also reserves the right to charge the purchase price for damaged parts in instances the return is not complete. Valeryd.com will not fetch collection packages or packages sent as cash-on-delivery package while any transport damage due to defective packaging will be charged to the customer. In the event of complaints register a case via Valeryd.com’s return web (called “Valeryd.com’s return web” below)

In the event of possible delay delays, Valeryd.com will notify a new calculated delivery time for the product. Customers are entitled to cancel the purchase if the new proposed delivery time is unacceptable. If an advance payment has been made for a product affected by a delayed delivery, the customer has the possibility to cancel the purchase and the payment will be repaid within (20) days.


Valeryd.com is a web based service provided by Valeryd.com, which is directed towards dealers and garages (called “Garages” below). Valeryd.com helps garages and dealers reach more consumers and the aim of Valeryd.com is that customers through this service can find trailer parts for the end customers. Customers who wish to utilise Valeryd.com can, through “my page” and/or directly on Valeryd.com, with background information about their trailer, receive all product specifications.

In order to use Valeryd.com the customer must, directly or through the help of Valeryd.com, have a registered “my page”. Through registering on “my page” customers confirm they have read these terms and conditions, and accept the terms and conditions that apply for the use of Valeryd.com. Valeryd.com sends out a booking confirmation. If any details are incorrect, the customer must contact Valeryd.com immediately and report this.

Valeryd.com reserves the right to refuse to complete an order if the details provided by the customer about themselves or the delivery address prove to be incorrect or incomplete or if the customer, in some other way, has failed to comply with their undertaking according to these Terms of Service – Customers.


Valeryd provides a safe and secure invoice solution with thirty (30) days’ credit. In order to secure customer status, Valeryd.com is entitled to make a status enquiry about the customer and is entitled to refuse an order. More information about the different payment terms can be found under Payment terms.


Valeryd.com owns all intellectual property rights, including but not restricted to copyright, to the website and its functions such as the web shop and Valeryd.com. All information (including e.g. data, code lists and images) on the website are copyrighted. This means that the information may not be used without Valeryd.com’s written consent.


Valeryd.com responds to all requests via e-mail within 48 hours on Valeryd.com receiving the customer’s request. However, the time guarantee applies only to orders, and during weekdays.


Valeryd.com uses cookies on the website. According to the law, anyone visiting the website must be informed about what the cookies are used for and be given the opportunity to refuse such use.

A cookie is a file that contains an identification from the customer’s browser, however, not personal details. A cookie can be stored on the customer’s computer so that a website recognises the customer’s computer the next time the customer visits the website. So-called session cookies, are deleted if the customer has been inactive for a certain amount of time. Each time the customer visits a website where the customer has previously received a cookie, the customer’s browser sends it automatically. The cookie makes the customer’s computer recognisable. This saves the customer time when he/she is surfing.

Several of Valeryd.com’s partners also use cookies for their services to work. For example, Valeryd.com permits its advertisers to place cookies in order to measure the impact of their advertising. Among other things they can measure whether the same user has seen the advert in several different places or whether users who viewed the advert have then visited the advertiser’s website. On these occasions Valeryd.com makes sure that the information is not used on a browser level but only to obtain statistics and to delete this after a limited time. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, the customer can, by changing the browser settings (usually found under Internet options) choose between accepting cookies, be informed when a cookie is created, or reject cookies. Should the customer reject cookies from Valeryd.com, use of the website may be restricted.


Data provided directly or indirectly to Valeryd.com through the use of services and offers from Valeryd.com may be used by Valeryd.com or Valeryd.com’s partners for marketing purposes and to assure Valeryd.com that the content, services and advertising provided by Valeryd.com and Valeryd.com’s partners suits the interest of the customers. By registering my page, the customer agrees to receive Valeryd.com’s newsletter.

As a subscriber to the newsletter customers receive exclusive offers and news from Valeryd.com. Customers can subscribe at any time from the newsletter via my page or by following an e-mail link supplied in the newsletter.

By registering my page, the customer agrees to receive marketing and information via electronic mail – such as SMS, MMS and e-mail – from Valeryd.com, from companies within the Valeryd.com Group and/or from companies that the Group from time to time collaborates with. Accordingly, customer data may also be handled so that Valeryd.com’s partners are able to market their own products and services. In the same way as for Valeryd.com’s newsletter, the customer may refuse such promotional material, the customer does this either by sending an e-mail to Valeryd.com’s customer support or by using the response feature in the e-mail messages, SMS or other messages that Valeryd.com or Valeryd.com’s partners send to the customer.


Valeryd.com who provides the Website and the service Valeryd.com will administer the customer’s personal details. In this context, Valeryd.com refers to the companies within the corporate group of which Valeryd.com is a member. The primary aim of administrating the customer’s personal data is so Valeryd.com is able to fulfil its undertaking to customers such as purchasers of products and users of the service Valeryd.com, including to deliver the products and services that Valeryd.com offers directly or via partners and in connection with customer support, invoicing, administration, quality work, analysis and development, information and marketing. Valeryd.com also uses the customer’s personal data to secure data, for example through status enquiries.

The personal data that may be processed is primarily such that the customer has provided directly or indirectly to Valeryd.com through utilising Valeryd.com’s offer, for example through Valeryd.com. Valeryd.com processes the customer’s personal data during the period the customer uses the services and offers provided by Valeryd.com or Valeryd.com’s partners. When Valeryd.com within its group, or towards partners, suppliers and for example the authorities require data in order to offer a service or a product, Valeryd.com uses Internet based encryption technology for communication.

By registering my page, the customer agrees that the personal data provided in connection with the registration of my page or in some other way collected by Valeryd.com, will be processed by Valeryd.com, by companies within the Valeryd.com group and by companies that the group from time to time collaborates with. The customer may, after written and signed request by the customer, receive information, free of charge, once per year about how personal data relating to the customer is processed. The customer may also request that incorrect, incomplete or data not processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act (1998:204) is corrected, blocked or deleted by contacting Valeryd.com. The customer also agrees that the collected personal data may also form the basis for direct marketing, business and product development as well as marketing and customer analyses conducted by Valeryd.com, of companies within the Valeryd.com group or by the companies that the group from time to time collaborates with according to these Terms of Service – Customers.


The web shop is open twenty-four hours a day for customers to order products. Despite a very high level of availability, the Web shop and its functionality may occasionally be unavailable due to e.g. maintenance, security updates, network or hardware issues. Thus, Valeryd.com cannot guarantee that the web shop and Valeryd.com is always available to the customer.

Corporate customers have the aforementioned rights in the Sale of Goods Act (1990:931) unless otherwise stated in these Terms of Service – Customers.

In addition to the factory warranty as set out above in the Terms of Service – Customers, Valeryd.com leaves no warranty concerning a specific product’s capacity or suitability for use in a specific vehicle and it is incumbent on the customer to ensure that the ordered product can be mounted in or used with their vehicle. Valeryd.com disclaims all liability for indirect losses that corporate customers may incur through the use of products or Valeryd.com as well as in the event of errors and deficiencies in services or the cessation of services. Furthermore, Valeryd.com is not liable, in relation to corporate customers, for delays or loss that are a result of events outside of Valeryd.com’s control and which Valeryd.com should not have counted on at the time of entering the contract. Valeryd.com’s liability for each calendar year shall, in relation to corporate customers, be limited to the amount that Valeryd.com has invoiced corporate customers during the previous calendar year.


By registering my page, the customer enters an agreement with Valeryd.com about the use of functions available on the Web site, namely Valeryd.com. Customers themselves can delete my page at any time by contacting Valeryd.com’s customer support.

If the customer violates Terms of Service – Customers, for example through non-payment, Valeryd.com is entitled to terminate the agreement with the customer and exclude the customer from further purchases via the web shop and Valeryd.com. Termination results in the deactivation of my page. It can also result in the customer being liable for damages.

If violation of the Terms of Service – Customers constitutes a crime, Valeryd.com may report this violation to the police. For example, Valeryd.com reports all false orders and orders made with a stolen credit card number to the police and do all within their power to assist the police with their inquiries.

Valeryd.com is entitled to cancel the agreement, fully or in part with immediate effect, if the customer commits a significant breach of the terms set out in Terms of Service – Customers and correction has not occurred within fourteen (14) calendar days from when Valeryd.com issued written notification of this. Each breach of the obligations incumbent on the customer in accordance with the Terms of Service – Customers is considered to be significant violation.

If Valeryd.com is unable to notify the customer due to the customer failing to update their contact details or by providing incorrect details, Valeryd.com can, without prior notice, deactivate or refuse access to my page and completely or partly stop the delivery of products.


Valeryd.com reserves the right to changes the terms and conditions set out in Terms of Service – Customers at any time. In the case of significant changes, Valeryd.com notifies the coming into force of the new changed conditions at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance. Significant changes are announced on the website and are sent as a message directly to the customer via e-mail. The current terms and condition are always available on the website and via my page. Valeryd.com recommends that the customer visits the website regularly to remain informed of any changes to the terms and conditions.


Valeryd.com shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil its obligations according to these Terms of Service – Customers and the agreement with the customer, if the failure is due to exonerative circumstances as set out below and the circumstances prevent, obstruct or delay the fulfilment.

Exonerative circumstances include measures or failures from the authorities, new or amended legislation, labour market conflicts, blockades, fire, flooding, sabotage or major accidents. This includes statutory decisions that have a negative impact on the market and products, for example decisions about warning texts, sales bans, etcetera or an abnormal depreciation on the market.


The my page profile is personal and cannot be transferred to others without the written consent of Valeryd.com.

Valeryd.com reserves the right to fully or in part transfer the website including the sales of trailer parts as well as Valeryd.com with all content, users and the rights of third parties.


If you have questions concerning the order, a purchase or questions linked to our processing of personal details you are welcome to contact us


Disputes that arise on account of this agreement shall, in the first instance, be settled by the Gothenburg district court


Safe and secure payment options


Note that we only deliver to an address registered on the national register or where the company is registered. An invoice is sent via e-mail in connection with your order and you easily pay to BankGiro or PlusGiro. Deliveries on invoice are only made to registered company addresses. The credit limit is fluid and is calculated before the purchase is completed. The highest credit limit granted is SEK 50,000 for companies. Simplified investigation of credit is performed without a copy for information.
In the event of delayed payment a reminder fee of SEK 50 and interest on arrears of 24% + applicable reference rate. A standard investigation of credit is performed without a copy for information and the delivery is only made to an address registered on the national register. In the event of questions concerning reminder fees/interest rates, please contact is by mail or telephone. When selecting invoice as the payment method an extra charge of SEK 45 including VAT will be charged.


Account / Payment by instalments

You can choose to part pay you purchase, you then choose the payment method account. You can divide your par payment up into 12 monthly instalments. Once the instalment agreement has been signed the first invoice will be issued first in the following month. The lowest amount to pay per month is SEK 500. Read more about terms and conditions for part payments here.

Delivery & shipping

We have chosen to subsidise shipping costs and always offer fixed prices to make it easy for you as a customer. We collaborate with DHL and Posten AB for our deliveries in Sweden and while our shipping options are present below. In some cases, the products are sent directly from our suppliers whereupon we use their logistics partners.


Shipping prices

We offer our corporate customers free shipping on deliveries on order sums exceeding SEK 1500 excl. VAT (however, this does not apply to trailer axles and axle packages, see the price here: Shipping trailer axles). If the value of the order is less than the specified order amount, the ordinary fixed shipping charge applies. More information about the shipping options we can offer are presented below.

Delivery times & other delivery conditions

The stock status is shown on each product page. The stock status is specified if the product is in stock. Delivery of a stocked item generally takes 1-4 days depending on the product and where the package needs to be dispatched. Certain products such as tyres may take longer. Most of our products are held in stock. All delivery times are preliminary.


We only deliver items that are in stock, so partial deliveries are not made.



Picked and sent within 1-2 working days.
For most of our packages we use the services offered by Post Nord and the delivery is then made to your nearest post agent/collection point. Agents are based in supermarkets, service stores and petrol stations, which usually are open in the evenings and at weekends 7 days a week. The delivery times are short, 1-3 work days. To areas with postal codes starting with 8 or 9 please add 1-2 work days. Small packages may be sent as Posten Varubrev. You order will then be delivered directly to your letterbox. If the consignment is too bulky the postman will ring on the door or leave an advice so you can collect the delivery from the nearest collection point. Posten Varubrev are normally delivered within 1-2 work days. The shipping cost is SEK 29 including VAT.



Picked and sent the same day.
The package is sent via DHL Express and is delivered to your nearest DHL package agent/collection point. Agents are based in supermarkets, service stores and petrol stations, which usually are open in the evenings and at weekends 7 days a week. The delivery times are short, 1-2 work days. To areas with postal codes starting with 8 or 9 please add 1-2 work days. The shipping cost is SEK 49 including VAT.



Post Nord Företagspaket are delivered domestically to business before 4 pm (normal working days Monday-Friday). The package is delivered the day after it is dispatched from our facility. For postal codes that start with 83 and upwards please add 1 day. Shipping cost is SEK 29 excl. VAT. Max 30 kg/package.



DHL Express is basically the same shipping option as a standard business package with the difference that the package is delivered to the customer before 10 am on the first working day after collection. Locations that can be reached by Express are marked on the destination list on DHL’s website to DHL’s destination list. Basic shipping is currently from SEK 221 excl. VAT. Max 30 kg/package. The order must be placed with Valeryd.com at the latest by 1 pm for the product to be delivered before 10 am the day after.


Track package by package number

You can track your package by using the package ID. When you have placed an order, you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation. Sometime after, you will receive an e-mail that the product has been packed and this will include a package ID. You can then track your package using the package ID. You can also login to my page and find your order and then search for your package. You will need you package ID to collect the package from your agent. The package ID is evident from your delivery confirmation e-mail. For those who have ordered a private collection package, click here to track your package (or login to my page on Valeryd.com). The package ID is in your delivery e-mail from us.
Trailer axles are delivered by Posten whereupon package tracking is performed on Posten’s site in accordance with the delivery mail.


SMS notification

If you stated a cell phone number when placing your order, you will not receive a notification in your letterbox. You will instead receive an SMS notification to your cell phone informing when and at which Post Nord Agent you can collect your package. If you have not stated a cell phone number you will receive an e-mail and notification in your letterbox.