Find parts for wheel brakes

There are several ways to find parts for the wheel brakes. In the search field below you can search using the following:

  • Brake-ID
  • OE-number / original part number
  • Brake dimensions

Search field:

Search via brake-ID

Your Brake-ID/Type no. can be found on the coupling, draw members, brake anchor plate or the axle. On more recent trailers there may be two different signs with the brake-ID number. In this case one sign is for the coupling details and the other for the brake and axle details.

What is a Brake-ID/Type no.?

This is used to identity an axle and/or a coupling. A Brake-ID can be a type number, which comes from different manufacturers, or an approval number issued by an authority.

What does it look like?
Type numbers and approval numbers can be found in a variety of different instances and formats, but usually there are composed of different number series like: EC-number or ETI-number.

Brake drums
When identifying brake drums, in addition to the brake-ID, we also need to know the axle’s maximum weight as several brake drums can have the same brake-ID. The weight is usually stated on the axle.

Bromsid på axel

Bromsid på påskjut

Find the OE number

The OE number is the original manufacturer’s part number, that is printed or punched on the part. You can usually see these numbers on the coupling damper or on the brake drums.


Find parts via the brake dimension

Each wheel brake has a brake dimension. You first measure the inner diameter of the brake drum, where the contact surface of the brake shoes touches the brake drum, you then measure the width of the brake shoe.

For example: 200×50 means the inner diameter of the brake drum is 200 mm and that the brake shoe is 50 mm wide. You can then search using “200×50” in the search field on the website, or you can filter on “Brake dimension” in the part field.

Mäta bromsdiameter

Mäta bromsbackens bredd