Information about trailer locks

A trailer or a caravan is relatively easy to steal; you drive up a car and hitch up the trailer and then it’s just disappear. A trailer lock is an inexpensive solution that stops the thief. Valeryd offers a wide range of locks for both trailers and caravans, both basic bolt locks or more advanced locks.

What type of lock should I choose?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a lock. Here follows several tips and ideas about what you should consider when selecting a lock.

How will the trailer be used?

How will the trailer be used? Will it be outside or will it stand behind locked doors? Do you want to be able to lock the trailer even when it is hitched to the car?


Does your insurance company require a certain type of lock? Different insurance companies have different regulations about which locks are approved, so check with your insurance company about what applies in your case.


What does your coupling head look like? Do you have a standard coupling head or not? Does the coupling head have space in the lock?